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Monday, March 28, 2011

DataObjects.Net Contribution Program Progress

Hi All,

As you might remember, in February Xtensive LLC officially announced the DataObjects.Net Contribution Program. Frankly speaking, we didn't even imagine what impressive results it would bring.

First of all, I have to mention Csaba Beer and its efficient work on Firebird provider. Csaba developed Sql.Dom driver and now the entire Firebird provider is already integrated into DataObjects.Net ORM core (branch 4.5). It is being tested, fixed and polished by Xtensive LLC engineers. The alpha version will be available soon, may be even this week.

Secondly, Malisa Ncube joined the Contribution Program and chose MySql provider as the goal. After several weeks of hard work the main part of Sql.Dom driver is almost finished. Today I've even managed to run all ORM tests on MySql. Unfortunately, not all of them finished successfully but that's OK for the first time. The work on the provider might require a week or two and after that it will be ready for the alpha.

Last but not least, Entity Model Designer for DataObjects.Net that is being actively developed by Peter Šulek, appeared like a miracle for most of us. As you know, DataObjects.Net always was strictly code-centric tool and there were no designers or any other visual tools for it. But with the help of Peter the things have been principally changed to better side. While the tool itself is in alpha phase, it looks very promising. Peter promised to blog about the designer soon, so let's wait for the overview or tutorial.

All of these brave and bright developers will receive DataObjects.Net Ultimate editions as a reward for their outstanding efforts.

Wanna see yourself in the list? Choose a feature or two from the feature list and join da game! The reward is guaranteed.


  1. Hi there, now i created first 2 blog posts about DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer -

  2. This is fantastic. Awesome work, Peter, Malisa, and Csaba!

  3. Thanks guys for this opportunity to propel forward this wonderful ORM. I learnt a lot from this program.

  4. I'm writing driver for LINQPad :) had to do a few workarounds :(

  5. Great news!

    Can't wait to try LinqPad powered by DataObjects.Net. =)

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