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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nightly builds are back

Hello All,

After some intense efforts of our developers the nightly builds are back and starting from this weekend are available on the downloads page. The first one (build #7299) is already published.

Next builds will appear in the section on a regular basis as soon as fixes are applied to the codebase. The current technological process provides the ability to produce a fresh build within less an hour, so I am sure you will appreciate the innovation.

There is still a couple of tasks that should be done to achieve better level of usability and transparency: for instance, a build should contain information about the changes that are made in it, so a visitor could get an idea which one he should download and install.

Another exciting bit of news concerning nightly builds is that they will be available for everyone, not only for owners of Professional & Ultimate editions as it is stated on the prices page. The page will be updated soon to reflect this change.

Thank all of you who use DataObjects.Net, who visit our support website, who report tricky bugs and request new awesome features. We are trying our best to deliver you mature and solid framework. Thanks for your choice.


  1. Nice nice nice, +10 for your work :-)

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  3. One question, if your build produce binaries within 1hour does it means that this build does not meet yours unit-tests?

  4. Hello Peter,

    Obviously, only properly tested builds will be published. Time required for for unit tests is not included in this 1 hour estimate.

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