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Monday, June 19, 2017

DataObjects.Net 5.0.14

We've released a new final version recently. Here are the changes we have made:

[main] Returned expected behavior of delayed queries which was changed in 5.0.11 by bug fix for IN() operation.

In 5.0.11 we had made some changes and fixed certain cases of IN() operation usage which supposed to create temporary table, but didn't. These changes brought unexpected behavior for delayed queries. In this release we kept the cases fixed and returned old behavior for delayed queries.

[main] Fixed bug when Server profile sessions allowed to query database without transaction.

IMPORTANT! This bug fix might be a breaking change for those users who already use it. Officially, SessonOptions.ServerProfile option does not allow queries outside of transaction. So we have returned this behavior. If you require such non-transactional queries, you should include an additional option to your session configuration - SessionsOptions.NonTransactionalReads.

[mysql] Corrected column types' extraction.

As usual you can download it from our official website or install it from Nuget library