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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Support for DateTimeOffset for PostgreSQL provider

We have introduced DateTimeOffset support for PostgreSQL provider in 5.0.11 RC. Here, we want to explain some restrictions of this RDBMS which affect our implementation of that type support.

We warn you that support for date/time with time zone is different from Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server implementations. The last two RDBMS has full support for all parts of date/time including time zone, but PostgreSQL doesn't.

If you want to use DateTimeOffset type in domain models on PostgreSQL storage we need to explain some things you may face with.

DataObjects.Net 5.0.11 RC

We released DataObjects.Net 5.0.11 RC this Wednesday. The list of changes is below:

[main] Full-text indexes no longer cause domain building error in DomainUpgradeMode.Skip mode
[main] Fixed temporary keys remap which showed up in previous version
[postgresql] Updated version of client library
[postgresql] Added support for DateTimeOffset

As usual you can download it from our official website or install it from Nuget library