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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.3.5 is updated to build 6299

This update includes a set of fixes related to:
  • LINQ (several issues)
  • INotifyCollectionChanged implementation in EntitySet - we discovered there were few WPF-specific issues, e.g. in some cases WPF tries to enumerate an EntitySet of already dead (removed) entity.
  • Order of events in paired property sync scenario (earlier I described this scenario).
  • Proper assignment of command timeout - in particular, during schema upgrade.
Sorry, no links to issue pages. All these issue are minor (some of them were fixed without crating an issue in public tracker at all), so ether you already know about some of them, or they aren't important for you ;)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tip: tuning up Google Chrome / Firefox to search @ our help and support web sites faster

Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support search shortcuts (or custom search providers): if you prefix an URL you enter by one of keywords, the browser transforms the text behind that keyword to URL by a customizable rule, and opens it.

I'm going to show how to tune up Chrome to add a set of useful search shortcuts for and Steps for Mozilla Firefox must be very similar.

Open "Options" page in Chrome, and click "Manage" button at "Default search" section there:

You must see nearly the following page. I already configured 3 custom search providers in my browser:

To add these 3 providers, click on "Add" button and fill the form as follows:

Repeating this once more:

And finally (full URL here is ""):

As result, you'll be able to search through our help and support web sites faster.

Type "xh " in address bar:

Then, type a keyword to find in help index:

And hit "Enter". The result:

Adding similar search shortcuts for StackOverflow and MSDN is a good idea as well :)