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Friday, February 28, 2014

DataObjects.Net 5.0 Beta 2

This is the next step in our road to the upcoming major version of DataObjects.Net.

Changes in Beta 2:

  • Added support for VB.NET model assemblies
  • Increased compilation performance
  • Fixed problem with automatic license activation
  • Improved logging API
  • Removed obsolete Transaction.OpenAuto() methods
  • Session closes connection as soon as the last transaction completes
  • New Session option NonTransactionalReads.
  • Added support for Contains operation over keys collection
  • Added support for persistent fields of DateTimeOffset type
  • Key.TypeInfo no longer relies on implicit session
Also you may be interested in changes in DataObjects.Net 5.0 Beta 1.


Just as always, releases are available from NuGet gallery.