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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DataObjects.Net Contribution Program

Hello All,

Starting from the version 4.4 we are happy to officially announce the DataObjects.Net Contribution Program. The main goal of the program is to speed up the development process of the ORM by getting involved contributors from outside Xtensive LLC company and award them the eternal glory and of course, licenses.

Frankly speaking, we'd tried such an approach experimentally earlier. As a result, the PostgreSQL data provider was build by Ottó Havasvölgyi, and he gained the Ultimate license for that excellent work.
This winter another talented person, Csaba Beer, is participating in Firebird data provider development. And again, the Ultimate license is what he will definitely get in return.

As for now the scheme works well, we've decided to officially approve the approach and right now we are searching for volunteers to help implementing the following data providers:
As you might noticed, there were several requests concerning MySQL & EffiProz-DB support. As for the least one, even developers from EffiProz Limited are ready to help with implementation and testing. The Contribution Program is not limited to data providers only, you might be get more interested in any other feature request, that are listed here.

To participate in the Contribution Program, please write to


  1. Great news! I'm just writing email with interesting contribution that i start to write for last 2 weeks, hope some alpha version will be available in next 2-3 weeks :-)

  2. That's awesome!
    What kind of interesting contribution are you working on? Or it is a secret until it is gone public alpha?

  3. Thats right, it is secret before any release, because i give some promises in past, and i fail in word. But it is secret for publicity, but i'll send an email to and inform you guys, just to be sure that you dont start to do same feature :-)

  4. Got it. The screencast looks amazing. Nice work!

  5. Thanks for support, hope made 1st version soon :-)

  6. DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer - alpha version (for testing purpose only)

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