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Thursday, June 30, 2016

DataObjects.Net 5.0.10 RC

We've just released DataObjects.Net 5.0.10 RC. It contains several changes, such as :

  [main] Cross-hierarchical persistent type movements are unsafe actions now
  [main] Added Support for Domain building on read-only database in UpgradeMode.Skip mode
  [main] Fixed incorrect translation of persistent interface queries occured in some scenarious
  [main] Fixed certain cases of storage node metadata corruption
  [main] Improved unsaved reference registration
  [sqlite] Added Support for DateTimeOffset fields and basic operations with them
  [oracle] Corrected extraction of DateTimeOffset columns
  [weaver] Fixed pdb-files handling created by Roslyn

  Note that:
    - DataObjects.Net does not currently control changes of entities when domain is built on read-only storage, it is managed by the storage side instead. DataObjects.Net layer entity changes control is among our current tasks.
    - Some operations with DateTimeOffset fields are not currently supported as they are not supported by SQLite.

As usual, you may get it from our website or from Nuget library.

Also, we have serveral changes planned for the next version. Currently the list contains such issues as:

- EntitySet is full of nulls after passing it as parameter to Session.Remove(IEnumerable);
- Unexpected prefetch behavior with Session cache in certain sittuations.

*Current list of changes planned for the next release is not final and may be appended by additional issues or improvements, up-to-date list is avaliable on DataObjects.Net website