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Thursday, June 14, 2012

DataObjects.Net 4.5.3 RC 3

Today we are publishing the next release candidate for the upcoming version of DataObjects.Net.


Changes in 4.5.3 RC3:

[main] Finally, change log is included in distribution =)
[main] RemoveFieldHint, ChangeFieldTypeHint are now correctly handled for Structure fields
[main] Correctly skip full-text indexes if storage does not support them
[mysql] Fixed index direction support for MySQL
[mysql] Improved translation of DateTime.Date for MySQL
[mysql] Fixed incorrect translation of Math.Truncate and Decimal.Truncate for MySQL
[mysql] Fixed incorrect translation of String.IndexOf for MySQL
[mysql] Fixed mapping of Single and Double types for MySQL
[mysql] Fixed schema extraction with case-sensitive collation for MySQL
[postgresql] Hex format for byte array literals is used for PostgreSQL 9.0 and later

Changes in 4.5.3 RC2 (wasn't officially announced):

[main] Validation now works in ClientProfile
[main] Fixed various errors with certian EntitySet usage scenarios in ClientProfile
[main] Fixed "Scope can't be disposed" error under certain query enumeration scenarios


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