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Monday, April 23, 2012

DataObjects.Net 4.5.1 RC

DataObjects.Net 4.5.1 Release Candidate is available.

This update includes features that we didn't have time to implement in 4.5.0 as well as bug fixes.
Installer and .zip can be downloaded here.

NuGet packaging

DataObjects.Net got official NuGet packages.

Currently they are pre-release in terms of NuGet packaging. This means they won't be shown by default. To install such package you'll need to change default package filter:

To get main library (Xtensive.Orm) you'll to need install Xtensive.Orm package from package browser. Or if you prefer to use package manager console:

 PM> Install-Package Xtensive.Orm -IncludePrerelease

Each storage provider has its own package, that depends on main library.
Here are the names of all available packages:
  • Xtensive.Orm - main library
  • Xtensive.Orm.Firebird - provider for Firebird (incorrect dependency, temporary removed from listing)
  • Xtensive.Orm.MySql - provider for MySQL
  • Xtensive.Orm.SqlServerCe - provider SQL Server Compact (3.5 only)
  • Xtensive.Orm.Oracle - provider for Oracle
  • Xtensive.Orm.log4net - logging provider for log4net
For most packages all dependencies will be installed from NuGet automatically, exceptions are SQL Server Compact and Oracle providers. PostgreSQL provider currently is not available due to old assembly version of Npgsql library in corresponding package. This is to be solved in future updates.

Portable mode for license manager

License manager now supports so-called "portable" mode.

By default license manager stores license files in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\DataObjects.Net folder.
For recent Windows versions it is typically C:\ProgramData\DataObjects.Net.

Sometimes it is desirable to have license files somewhere relative to your sources. Now such layout could be accomplished with ease.

Suppose you have DataObjects.Net in a subfolder of your project. For example let's say you have DO.Net in C:\Projects\MyProject\Libraries\DO.Net.

To activate portable mode you need to create folder with name Licenses on the same level as Tools and Libs and DataObjects.Net.targets. So in our example it should be C:\Projects\MyProject\Libraries\DO.Net\Licenses.

After this folder is created license manager will automatically read and write licenses in that folder.

No hardware licenses for Ultimate customers

Previous versions of DO.Net required you to have hardware license key for each computer. But if you have Ultimate subscription you are allowed to run it on unlimited number of machines. Hardware license key is however still were required.

This is no longer the case since 4.5.1. If you have valid license key for Ultimate edition no hardware license key is required. Just install company license key and you are ready to rock with DO.Net.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed complex indexes extraction in Oracle provider
  • Fixed translation of TimeSpan.Ticks property for Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Correctly install templates for non-English Visual Studio

Migration path

This is minor update, no source code changes or recompilation required.
Installer will automatically uninstall any existing DataObjects.Net 4.5.x.
If you want to play with 4.5.1 RC and keep your 4.5.0 installation it's better to use .zip package instead.


  1. Does the community edition provide sample projects. I have installed but can't seem to find the samples folder as stated in the documentation