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Saturday, May 12, 2012

DataObjects.Net 4.5.3 RC and 4.4.3 RC3

DataObjects.Net 4.5.3 RC and 4.4.3 RC3 are available.

Both contain the same fixes that are listed below:
  • Fixed index duplication under certain scenarios (see this for details)
  • Fixed error about duplicate index name under certain scenarios (see this for details)
  • Added SessionOptions.SuppressRollbackExceptions

Rollback exceptions suppression

Option SessionOptions.SuppressRollbackExceptions tells DataObjects.Net to catch (and log) any exception that occurred during rollback. Rollback typically occurs when some exception is already thrown. So any exception during rollback will cause original exception to be lost. New option could be used to prevent such behaviour.

Migration path

No special migration is required.


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