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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Today we've switched to a new development snapshot of the website. Among all changes we made the most noticeable for users is certainly integration with syntax highlighter (by Alex Gorbachev), which is automatically being applied to all code fragments. As for us, the most important update  is the ability of incremental migration from old forum to the new one. During this process the following tasks are being executed:
  • Find and import topics & answers that are created in old forum starting from the date of last migration.
  • Find users that registered on the new support website starting from the date of last migration, find their already imported topics and posts, associate them with their content and update their karma.
There is a task that is not yet accomplished: email notification service configuration and testing, but I suppose that it will not take too much time.

Having all this stuff done we feel that the new support service is ready for real life usage and, therefore, we are making an announcement that old support forum will be switched into read-only mode in few days.
The appropriate orange header with notification text is put on its index page:

Dmitri Maximov

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