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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gain your karma on

A few days ago I posted about our plans on service and asked you, our dear customers, users and followers, to register on it in order to make data migration process and author association simpler and more transparent.

We thank those of you who found several minutes and accomplished this trivial registration task. This gave us an opportunity to achieve the following goals:
  • Associate authors of topics & replies in old forum with posts in new support website.
  • Calculate and set level of karma to authors according to their activity in old forum.
Karma is calculated in accordance with the following rules:
  • Comment = 1 point
  • Topic = 3 points
  • Answer = 5 points
As a result, we've got this picture:

It is not a surprise that the blue rabbit has got maximum level of karma, as it is working night and day 24x7 on the support forum. Our congratulations to leaders: aramahdessian, Paul Sinnema, xumix and all other contributors.

I suppose, we'll wait a week or two in case anyone else decides to join and earn karma for his participation in old forum, and after that we'll do final migration to the new version of support service.


Dmitri Maximov

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