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Monday, August 09, 2010


We are resuming the work on our new technical support service, which was postponed due to the final stage of DataObjects.Net 4.3 development.

As I've already posted, we made rather good progress on it, for example, the following things are ready and tested:
- Authentication integration with using OpenID protocol.
- Migration of topics and answers from currently used forum.

Unfortunately, user import task seems to be unexpectedly overcomplicated because of principally different authentication schemes used in forum and support service, so current version of it contains posts which are signed by artificially created 'Editor' user instead of original authors:

where red areas highlight artificial 'Editor' user, whereas blue ones goes for originators, whose names are primitively included into text of topics & comments.

In the next release of our support service we would like to sort out the problem of topic and comment ownership. In order to achieve the goal, we're asking you to spent approximately 2 minutes of your time and sign on to Having list of registered users we could easily map them to correspondent users in old forum. After that is done, topics and comments will be owned by original authors, who could gain karma, vote for answers, mark them as accepted, etc.

Thank you in advance.

Dmitri Maximov

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