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Monday, July 12, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.3 and v4.2.4 are available

We just released DataObjects.Net v4.3 final, as well as updated its GPL version to v4.2.4. Almost complete list of implemented issues can be found here.

DataObjects.Net v4.3 is the first fully commercial version in v4 branch, so if you're going to use this version, you'll need a license (but you still can use v4.2.X versions absolutely for free). Licenses of existing customers were converted to new license types according to the following rules:
  • Old Enterprise licenses were converted to new Ultimate licenses;
  • Any other old licenses were converted to new Professional licenses.
Note that now we bind a number of hardware licenses to each primary license, and this number is finite for Professional license. So if you need additional hardware licenses for your existing Professional license, please notify us - we will activate them for free, if the original license isn't expired yet.

This is the first time we switch from less to more restrictive licensing model, so there can be some issues. Please contact us, if:
  • You feel you must have (or need) another license type accordingly with your original purchase.
  • Expiration date of your subscription must be different.
  • You need additional hardware licenses.
  • You experience any issues with license activation.
  • You need to prolong your trial (this is possible - I'll make an additional post about this).
  • We didn't prolong or issue your free license. Most likely (e.g. if there is any work in progress, etc.) we'll prolong it for free. Please read this post, if you'd like to get a free license.
  • Your free license is about to expire, please contact us as well. Shortly we'll review the expiration dates of such licenses, so some of them might be fixed (e.g. there are people that must have lifetime licenses, but currently all the dates are automatically set to 2 year period at max).
  • You experience any issues related to PostSharp license check. We've got lots of questions related to PostSharp licensing, so I recommend you to read these threads for details: 1, 2 and 3.
  • There is anything else - important or unexpected.
Other notes:
  • Nightly builds for v4.3 will be available during this week.
  • There is a chance installers will be updated once more on this week - we'll try to fix all the issues related to licensing almost instantly, especially if they'll be blocking.
Fastest ways to contact us, if there is something urgent:
  • Skype to alexyakunin or dmitri.maximov
  • GTalk to alex.yakunin at GMail dot com
  • Call +7 922 222 7300
  • For regular inquiries, please write to info, sales or
P.S. Users from Russia and CIS countries, remember, there is still active (but almost expired) proposal for discounts.


  1. Alex, will you post some information how to activate licence with new licencing system you started to use?

  2. Yes, I'll do this today.

    In short, if you already have our license, you should see it in "My Subscriptions" section @ out web site. So you should:
    - Download the key there
    - Open License Manager, click "Install license"
    - Paste the key into a textbox there
    - Click "Internet Activation" - "Activate"
    - Wait for few seconds
    - Check if the status is "Activated".

    That's it.

  3. > if you already have our license

    If you don't, but should (e.g. this might be intact for some expired free licenses) - please notify me, we'll fix this asap.

  4. Trying to run "Licence manager" from start menu shortcut fails, because it points to location "C:\Program Files (x86)\DataObjects.Net\Binaries\Latest\Xtensive.Licensing.Manager.exe" which is not found. Something is in setup wrong? I found in path "c:\Program Files (x86)\DataObjects.Net\Bin\Latest\Xtensive.Licensing.Manager.exe"

  5. Now i have sucessfully installed licence :-)

  6. Ups, have you found it? Is the shortcut correct, or you used different way?

  7. Shortcut is bad, i found path to exe manually, so you must fix it in your setup.