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Thursday, July 15, 2010 goes beta

Hello everybody,

Today we are inviting all of you to take a look and try our new tech support service. We have done our best to provide better support service for you and to get rid of archaic and slow phpbb phorum with its inconvenient autonomous authentication system:
  • We were looking for a simple and fast StackOverflow-like Q&A system and finally we choose excellent OSQA engine.
  • We developed special migration process and heuristic tools in order to provide smooth and painless migration & transform all existing topics and messages from the old conversation-base domain model into the new Q&A-based one.
  • We implemented and configured the integrated user authentication with website through OpenID protocol, so no additional registration steps are required.
What we haven't managed to do is to transfer the number of user posts into reputation (repo/kudo).

If you wish to help us make it better, please try it in action: take a look at already imported conversations, their formatting, check how OpenID works, etc. Any comments or suggestions are welcome! I suppose, it is better to post all your proposals, observations & bug reports concerning new support service straight there, so that we could test it in real life.

Important note:
As the website is still in beta, all its content might be removed/replaced anytime until it is officially opened, so please don’t create any real questions concerning DataObjects.Net or HelpServer products. For these topics current forum is still the best place to go.

Dmitri Maximov

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  1. Just looked it up - great work, guys! More comments will follow up tomorrow.