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Friday, February 28, 2014

DataObjects.Net 5.0 Beta 2

This is the next step in our road to the upcoming major version of DataObjects.Net.

Changes in Beta 2:

  • Added support for VB.NET model assemblies
  • Increased compilation performance
  • Fixed problem with automatic license activation
  • Improved logging API
  • Removed obsolete Transaction.OpenAuto() methods
  • Session closes connection as soon as the last transaction completes
  • New Session option NonTransactionalReads.
  • Added support for Contains operation over keys collection
  • Added support for persistent fields of DateTimeOffset type
  • Key.TypeInfo no longer relies on implicit session
Also you may be interested in changes in DataObjects.Net 5.0 Beta 1.


Just as always, releases are available from NuGet gallery.


  1. Good to hear some news from you guys.

  2. Can you explain the NonTransactionalReads option?

  3. Very nice! Congratulations guys. :)

  4. Thank you guys!

    To Marco: there would be a separate post that covers its usage.

  5. any news about the post about the NonTransactionalReads option?

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