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Sunday, November 17, 2013

DataObjects.Net 5.0 Beta 1

This is a short announce about the upcoming major version of DataObjects.Net.



  • PostSharp is replaced with custom persistence weaver based on Mono.Cecil
  • Support for String.Like extension method with support in LINQ translator
  • Support for DateTime.ToString("s") in LINQ
  • Support for ignoring particular tables and/or columns during Domain.Build
  • Support for defining recycled fields via external definitions
  • ReSharper annotations for public API


  • Xtensive.Tuples performance is significantly improved
  • Validation framework is reworked
  • Persist operation is optimized to avoid sorting entities that do not have incoming/outgoing FK
  • IEnumerable.Remove() extension method is marked as obsolete


  • Support for .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008
  • Object-to-object mapper
  • Xtensive.Core and Xtensive.Aspects assemblies. Now we have single Xtensive.Orm assembly with a bunch of database drivers in separate assemblies.
  • Installer. It is no longer provided so use NuGet or binaries package instead


Just as always, releases are available from NuGet gallery.