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Sunday, November 17, 2013

DataObjects.Net 5.0 Beta 1

This is a short announce about the upcoming major version of DataObjects.Net.



  • PostSharp is replaced with custom persistence weaver based on Mono.Cecil
  • Support for String.Like extension method with support in LINQ translator
  • Support for DateTime.ToString("s") in LINQ
  • Support for ignoring particular tables and/or columns during Domain.Build
  • Support for defining recycled fields via external definitions
  • ReSharper annotations for public API


  • Xtensive.Tuples performance is significantly improved
  • Validation framework is reworked
  • Persist operation is optimized to avoid sorting entities that do not have incoming/outgoing FK
  • IEnumerable.Remove() extension method is marked as obsolete


  • Support for .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008
  • Object-to-object mapper
  • Xtensive.Core and Xtensive.Aspects assemblies. Now we have single Xtensive.Orm assembly with a bunch of database drivers in separate assemblies.
  • Installer. It is no longer provided so use NuGet or binaries package instead


Just as always, releases are available from NuGet gallery.


  1. Great to see new upcomming releases!

  2. O2o mapper was completely removed? Is there any other way to do what O2o?

  3. Hi Peter,

    You can use Automapper or any other solution.
    Currently we want to concentrate our efforts on core ORM parts.

  4. Hi Denis,

    Okey, thanks for update.