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Monday, February 27, 2012

DataObjects.Net 4.4.2 goes final

Today, 27-th of February, 2012 we are releasing DataObjects.Net 4.4.2.

This is recommended update for all who use previous version of DataObjects.Net. The major change in this release is migration to the latest version of PostSharp which significantly shortens compilation time. Moreover, this version also contains several bugfixes and improvements.

In addition, we are releasing 4.3.9 version. Eventually we are dropping support for DataObjects.Net 4.3 and this release will be the last major update in 4.3.x branch.

List of changes

Changes in this release in comparison with 4.4.1 are described in details in the previous posts:

Migration path

Note: If a previous version of DataObjects.Net was installed (via installer), uninstall it and install the current version of DataObjects.Net. The easiest and recommended way is to utilize our ProjectUpgrader tool which resides in %DataObjectsInstallationPath%\Common\ProjectUpgrader directory. Select a project and hit "Run".

However, you may also try to update the project file manually. To do that, update references to the latest DataObjects.Net components as well as to PostSharp library.

When it is done, the project should reference Xtensive.Aspects.dll, Xtensive.Core.dll, Xtensive.Orm.dll version and PostSharp.dll version

Where to download

DataObjects.Net 4.4.2 RC 2 is published and can be downloaded from the download area.

Future plans

We are hardly working on the upcoming DataObjects.Net 4.5 version which is almost ready except minor parts. Its current state can be described as a stable beta, so the first 4.5 RC will be published soon.

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