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Thursday, December 29, 2011

DataObjects.Net is migrated to PostSharp 2.1

As it was announced earlier, right after the release of DataObjects.Net 4.4.1 the project was migrated to PostSharp 2.1. According to the PostSharp 2.1 release notes, one of many positive changes of the migration is noticeable compile-time performance boost.

For example, after the migration a DataObjects.Net tests project with hundreds of models is being compiled 2 times faster. I hope you'll notice the same effect. Say thanks to Gael, the author of PostSharp for such a sweet update.


This version of DataObjects.Net contains all new features and bugfixes from the previous version, the only difference is that the project is migrated from PostSharp 2.0 to PostSharp 2.1.

Migration path

  • If a previous version of DataObjects.Net was installed (I mean through installer), uninstall it and install the current version of DataObjects.Net.
  • In your projects update references to the latest DataObjects.Net components as well as to PostSharp library.
Now your projects should reference Xtensive.Aspects.dll, Xtensive.Core.dll, Xtensive.Orm.dll version 4.4.2 and PostSharp.dll version 2.1.

Where to download

DataObjects.Net 4.4.2 is published as a release candidate and can be downloaded from the download area.

Big Winter Sale

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This is likely to be the last post in this year.
I'm wishing you a wonderful 2012 year, full of hope and optimism.


  1. Wish great year 2012 for DataObjects.Net and Xtensive team !

  2. Wish happy new year for the team!
    Have so much fun in your private life and in enhancing DO4 also!

  3. Thanks guys,

    Happy New Year to all of you =)

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