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Friday, September 24, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.3.5 is updated to build 6157

This is a minor update fixing the issues we've found earlier. Few most serious bugs were fixed in DisconnectedState:
  • New system operation logger could skip logging the operations invoked from events raised by higher level operation.
  • EntitySet<T> could loose newly added item after refreshing its state with attached DisconnectedState (although it was persisted to the database).
Downloads section already contains the new build.

P.S. You're asking us, why new DataObjects.Net installers are ~ 2 times larger then before. That's because we've added new .mshc help file (DataObjects.Net reference in VS2010 help format) - in fact, a 70 MB .zip archive. So totally, various help uses the most part of installer package (30 MB for .Chm, 70 MB for .mshc, 7 MB for .pdf). Compressed DataObjects.Net binaries require about 10 MB. We're thinking about shipping help as separate installation package.


  1. +1 for separating Help installation, maybe left FULL, SIMPLE and HELP setup.

  2. And can you post link with filtered issues which are included in this build?