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Saturday, June 12, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.2.2 and v4.3 RC3 (also for .NET 3.5) are available

As usual, installers are in Downloads area. v4.2.2 installer is also available at Google Code (top secret: you can download it there without registration at ;) ).

Issues resolved: 675685692691648689630687677684683682652636680679611665666672655. That's not all - few minor issues (e.g. this) were fixed without adding an issue.

Some notes about these builds:
  • v4.2.2 contains most of above fixes. Currently we still resolve the issue in stable branch, if this is possible, and then merge the fix into development (v4.3) branch. Stable branch is still stable: just 4 tests fail there on SQL Server.
  • v4.3 RC3 test pass results there are identical, so it is quite stable as well. But since we were unable to fix all the bugs we scheduled for v4.3, we release one more RC.
  • v4.3 RC3 for .NET 3.5 is compiled from v4.3 codebase (it is fully identical), but without "NET40" constant, so it is also identical from the point of provided features. Frankly speaking, we had no time to test this build. We compiled everything, run few samples, launched script building its installer and finally checked its log for errors - see this post for details. So if you'll face any issues with it, please notify us ASAP. Also note that this version is targeting VS2010 (e.g. sample projects there are for VS2010), although there should be no problems with its usage under VS2008.
Plans for the nearest week:
  • Fix few more important bugs and release v4.3.
  • Continue works on licensing module and its server-side counterpart.
  • Copy DataObjects.Net 4.X and Help Server-related topics from to (don't post there it - it isn't ready yet; any content published until official launch might be deleted).
Have a nice weekend!