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Saturday, June 12, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.3 RC3 for .NET 3.5 is tested on our own project

We just migrated one of our internal projects from DataObjects.Net v4.2 to DataObjects.Net v4.3 RC3 for .NET 3.5. This project requires .NET 3.5 and VS2008 usage because of third-party components, so migration to DO43 for .NET 4.0 is simply impossible here.

So everything was quite smooth, but with two exceptions:
  • By some reason Project Upgrade Tool didn't process AssemblyInfo.cs file of model project - may be because the file was opened in VS.NET at the same time, so we occasionally overwritten the changes. In any case, that's easy to fix manually.
  • Few of queries got broken. We're investigating this.
The main positive effect of migration is reduced startup time (~ 15%) and noticeably faster first time query executions - this happens because v4.3 doesn't use Reflection.Emit to build Tuples, but each complex query might utilize a set of them - they decribe intermediate results before abd after each operation in query plan.

Overall, we consider the result is very good. Just counted: there are 374 files containing [HierarchyRoot] attribute in model; at least 62 files contain EntitySet fields, so there are > 400 tables in the database it uses, thus the count of different queries is simply huge.

Conclusion: if you're bound to .NET 3.5 or VS2008 usage, it's safe to migrate from v4.2 to v4.3 for .NET 3.5.

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