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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

DataObjects.Net Core 0.1.0 Beta 1

We finally ported DataObjects.Net to .Net Standard.  This version is based on DataObjects.Net 5.0.17 Final so it includes all features released up to 5.0.17.

We decided to release only main library (MS SQL Server provider is included) and extensions as we had tested them. Other providers will be added as we test them. Unfortunately if RDBMS has no client library for .Net Standard we won't be able to port its provider, but there are only few of them.

Also PLEASE NOTE, that this is very first version and thought main functions work well there might be some issues in some particular cases. Also we have plans to rethink some of our public and internal APIs so there might be breaking changes. We started releasing from major number 0 intentionally to underline that. As long as it is 0 there might be breaking changes.

You can get the release from NuGet library


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