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Monday, January 15, 2018

DataObjects.Net 5.0.17 Beta 1 and 5.0.17 Beta 2

We've released two beta releases recently and here are the featured changes

5.0.17 Beta 1:

[main] Decreased amount of metadata extracted while building Domain or Storage node in DomainUpgradeMode.Skip mode.

5.0.17 Beta 2 :

[main] Added sharing of storage schema across Storage nodes

You can read details of the changes inside. And as always you can install the releases from Nuget library or download from our website.

Less queries for DataObjects.Net metadata extraction.

Domains built in DomainUpgradeMode.Skip mode supposes storage to be upgraded to actual state so there won't be any difference in expected and actual schemas.

In this case, certain DataObjects.Net metadata has no effect during domain building process so we have optimized it by excluding such metadata from extraction. That helped to perform less queries.

Sharing of storage schema between Storage nodes

This feature allows to decrease memory utilization when multiple Storage nodes are used. With this option on, DataObjects.Net uses the storage schema of the first node for all additional nodes and dynamically resolves actual database name and schema name for each query on translation.

With this option off, DataObjects.Net continues using isolated storage schemas for each Storage node and this is default behavior, sharing of storage schema should be turned on manually like

     var domainConfiguration = DomainConfiguration.Load();
  domainConfiguration.ShareStorageSchemaOverNodes = true;

For regular Domains with only default Storage node the feature has no effect but for Domains with multiple Storage nodes it can reduce memory expenses.


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