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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

DataObjects.Net 4.6.5

Changes in DataObjects.Net 4.6.5:

[main] Fixed version validation for entities without explicit version columns
[main] Fixed version validation for decimal version fields
[main] Optimized aggregate translation in complex scenarios
[main] Fixed problem with access to nullable enum columns in final projection
[main] Fixed problem with missing calculated columns in final projection
[main] Fixed materialization of delayed queries with parameters in final projection
[main] Implemented merging of duplicated query parameters
[main] Improved handling of unique index conflicts during persist
[main] Implemented query batching when ValidateEntityVersions option is enabled
[sqlserver] Optimized queries that are executed during driver initialization
[sqlserver] Added support for full text data type columns
[sqlserver] Added ignoring of filetable objects during upgrade and schema validation
[sqlserverce] Fixed translation of DateTime operations in LINQ
[sqlite] Fixed translation of DateTime operations in LINQ
[mysql] Fixed translation of DateTime operations in LINQ


Just as always releases are available at our site and NuGet gallery.


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