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Monday, September 30, 2013

DataObjects.Net 4.5.8 and 4.6.4

Finally, the new version of DataObjects.Net is out. Traditionally, we are releasing both major versions: 4.5.x & 4.6.x,

Changes in both DataObjects.Net 4.5.8 and 4.6.4:

[main] Added QueryEndpoint.Items() method for querying EntitySets within compiled queries
[main] Added support for DateTime.AddXxx() methods in LINQ translator
[main] Added support for System.Linq.EnumerableQuery in LINQ translator
[main] Fixed invalid key comparison under certain conditions
[main] Fixed EntitySet caching invalid state within DisableSaveChanges() scope
[main] Fixed incorrect column references in generated SQL for certain queries
[main] Fixed querying for types with enum type discriminators
[main] Fixed querying for types with enum key fields
[main] Fixed locking of entity that could not be persisted at the moment for some reason
[main] Fixed handling of temporary tables query with zero columns
[main] Fixed translation of GroupJoin() with temporary tables
[main] Fixed translation of Distinct() after Select()
[main] Fixed translation of ThenBy() that implicitly adds joins
[main] Fixed support for LINQ member compilers that return nullable values
[main] Fixed translation of as with subquery operand
[main] Fixed concurrent access issues with NameBuilder.GetHash method
[main] Fixed incorrect result of FirstOrDefault/SingleOrDefault in certain subqueries
[main] Optimized translation of String.IsNullOrEmpty() method
[main] Reduced number of casts in generated SQL when accessing enum fields
[main] Automatically handle namespace-only renames during upgrade
[main] PostSharp is upgraded to version
[postgresql] Npgsql is upgraded to version
[mysql] MySQL library is upgraded to version 6.7.4
[mysql] Fixed translation of bitwise operations
[mysql] Fixed translation of DateTime.DayOfWeek and DateTime.DayOfYear
[firebird] Firebird library is upgraded to version
[sqlserver] Fixed reading of large SqlDecimal values

Changes specific to DataObjects.Net 4.6.4:

[main] Added version validation on persist via SessionOptions.ValidateEntityVersions
[main] Added DomainConfiguration.ConnectionInitializationSql option
[main] Added support for Enum.HasFlags method in LINQ
[sqlite] Added support for :memory: data source
[main] Fixed regression in Session.Query.ExecuteDelayed introduced in 4.6.4 RC
[main] Fixed redundant delete queries when clearing key generator tables during upgrade
[main] Fixed NRE in StorageMappingBuilder when persistent type does not have a namespace
[main] Store partial index filter definitions in Metadata.Extension table instead of relying on information schema
[main] Improved diagnostic messages for multimapping configurations when database/schema is not found
[main] Improved diagnostic message when non-LINQ method is called within Session.Query.ExecuteDelayed
[sqlite] Fixed extraction of multi-column primary keys
[sqlite] SQLite library is upgraded to version
[sqlserver] Fixed incorrect SQL for table rename in non-default database


Just as always releases are available at our site and NuGet gallery.


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