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Thursday, October 11, 2012

DataObjects.Net Extensions update

DataObjects.Net Extensions for DataObjects.Net 4.5.5 and 4.6.0 are available.


  •     Added missing xmldocs for BulkOperations extension
  •     New Tracking extension (DataObjects.Net Extensions 4.6.0 only)

Tracking extension

Tracking extension provides tracking/auditing functionality on Session/Domain level.

To use it:

1. Add reference to Xtensive.Orm.Tracking assembly

2. Include types from Xtensive.Orm.Tracking assembly into the domain:
    <domain ... >
        <add assembly="your assembly"/>
        <add assembly="Xtensive.Orm.Tracking"/>

3. To track changes on Session level obtain an instance of ISessionTrackingMonitor through Session.Services.Get<ISessionTrackingMonitor>() method To track changes on Domain level (from all sessions) obtain an instance of IDomainTrackingMonitor through Domain.Services.Get<IDomainTrackingMonitor>() method

4. Subscribe to TrackingCompleted event. After each tracked transaction is committed you receive the TrackingCompletedEventArgs object.

5. TrackingCompletedEventArgs.Changes contains a collection of ITrackingItem objects, each of them represents a set of changes that occured to an Entity within the transaction committed.


1. Subscribe to ISessionTrackingMonitor/IDomainTrackingMonitor TrackingCompleted event
var monitor = Domain.Services.Get<IDomainTrackingMonitor>();
monitor.TrackingCompleted += TrackingCompletedListener;

2. Do some changes to persistent entities
using (var session = Domain.OpenSession()) {
  using (var t = session.OpenTransaction()) {
    var e = new MyEntity(session);
    e.Text = "some text";

3. Handle TrackingCompleted event call and do whatever you want with tracked changes.
private void TrackingCompleted(object sender, TrackingCompletedEventArgs e)
  foreach (var change in e.Changes) {

    foreach (var value in change.ChangedValues) {


Sync extension

Sync extension was planned for 4.6 release. We decided that it is not production ready and postponed it until 4.7.



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