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Monday, October 01, 2012

DataObjects.Net 4.5.5 RC and 4.6.0 RC

Two release candidates for 4.5 and 4.6 branches are made available.

Here is short list of changes:

DataObjects.Net 4.6.0 RC

Added NamingRules.RemoveDots and NamingRules.RemoveHyphens

New options work similar to existing UnderscoreDots and UnderscoreHyphens except that dots and hyphens are completely removed from table or column name instead of replacing with underscore.

Added Connection and Transaction properties to UpgradeContext

DataObjects.Net provides single transaction for upgrade process. Those properties allows to execute custom actions at any stage.

Added Session property to UpgradeContext

This is new recommended approach for getting current session in upgrade handlers.

UpgradeStage.Initializing is marked obsolete

This stage no longer occurs in DataObjects.Net 4.6 so corresponding warning would be emitted when it is used.

Added OnPrepare and OnComplete methods to UpgradeHandler which are executed before and after any upgrade

OnPrepare partially replaces old Initializing stage. It is executed are very early stage so you can apply fixes to the database schema before any upgrade actions are performed.
OnComplete is executed at the very last stage and could be used for configuring domain before it is returned from Domain.Build() method.

Added advanced version of domain builder module

New method OnAutoGenericBuilt() allows to change created automatic generic instances.

Correctly clean up key generator tables if entities are created in OnUpgrade() method

If entities are created in OnUpgrade() method key generator tables (i.e. Int64-Generator) might be not empty after the upgrade. This is fixed now.

Several methods that implicitly use Session are marked as obsolete

Since DataObjects.Net 4.4 we are recommending explicitly pass session everywhere.
Some old methods that implicilty use Session.Current has been marked as obsolete.
Examples of such methods InvokeTransactionally() extension method overloads that don't take session and GetTypeInfo() extenstion method.

DataObjects.Net 4.5.5 RC

Omit redundant parentheses in generated SQL for chains of set operations

This allows to write rather large chains of .Union() calls.
See this bug report for details.

Correctly handle hierarchy split when doing upgrade

This fixes error about TypeId removals when hierarchy has been split to hierarchies with single type.

Fixed translation of Contains/Any/All under certain scenarios

See this bug report for details.

Correctly parse pre-release versions of MySQL (e.g. 5.5.25a)

See this bug report for details.

Other changes

Debug symbols (.pdb) are available for this and all future release. They require source code license
just like source code package.

Final words

Just as always distribution packages are available on our download site and NuGet gallery.


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