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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Moving towards openness

Remember the days when every website wanted to maintain its own database of users and related data? To download some restricted content you have to register there, provide a password, successfully forget it after a couple of minutes and use "Restore password" feature every time you visit the website later.

The same kind of website was our corporate website. Moreover, our support website was configured to work with users from only. Until...

Until we rejected the model above and switched to OpenID authentication scheme and made all versions of DataObjects.Net available for download without registration. The same change was applied to — now anyone who has OpenID may log in and post an issue/feedback.

Having that done, we closing user registration area on as now it doesn't have any sense, however, all user accounts will be preserved and users may sign in in their profile as usual.

Note for owners of DataObjects.Net licenses: we launched new customer area, don't miss it. All your license-related data is migrated from to website.


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