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Monday, August 06, 2012

DataObjects.Net Extensions 4.5.3

DataObjects.Net Extensions are updated to the latest version.

What are these so-called extensions?
They are small projects that extend standard functionality of DataObjects.Net core. Version 4.5.3 contains of the following extensions:
Each of them has a corresponding nuget package so they can be installed separately or in any combination. Using NuGet is a recommended way of installing the extensions.

DataObjects.Net Extensions are published on CodePlex with source code opened. You may also want to check the documentation before start using them. The extensions are maintained by Xtensive engineers and by volunteers from DataObjects.Net community.


  • [Security] Fix threading issues with hashing services
  • [Localization] LocalizationModule is added. It automatically calls TypeLocalizationMap.Initialize(Domain) during Domain build.
  • [BulkOperations] Support for single insert operation is added
  • [BulkOperations] Fix for drivers that don't support UpdateFrom and DeleteFrom constructs



There are several new extensions that are now being developed and tested:
  • Xtensive.Orm.Sync - Microsoft Sync framework support (expected in 4.6 version)
  • Xtensive.Orm.Tracking - a tracking monitor that tracks changes in entities and notify you about them. Good for auditing purposes and similar tasks. (expected in 4.6 version)
  • Xtensive.Orm.Security.Web - ASP.NET Membership provider & Role provider (expected in 4.5.4 version, contribution of Carl Healy)
  • Here could be your extension - Contribute! Obtain DataObjects.Net license for free!

Thank you!

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