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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

DataObjects.Net 4.5 RC 2

This is Release Candidate of the upcoming DataObjects.Net 4.5 with a bunch of quick fixes.

Changes in this release

  • Minor fix in association building and processing
  • QueryBuilder: correctly start transaction before creating command
  • Updated version of Project tool

Project tool

Here is how it looks like now:
DataObjects.Net Project Tool
Starting from version 4.5 Project tool can produce slightly different set of upgrade actions depending on whether a project contains persistent types or not and whether DataObjects.Net is installed on computer or resides somewhere inside project structure.
  1. If a project contains persistent types, it must be processed by PostSharp so persistent aspects are correctly applied to persistent types. This require the presence of the corresponding Import directive inside project file.
    <Import Project="%Path to DataObjects.Net.targets%" />
    Accordingly, if the project doesn't contain entities, there is no need in that directive. Although it is not harmful, it might slow down compilation.

  2. If DataObjects.Net is installed
    • References to DataObjects.Net components should not include HintPath as installer registers %DataObjects.Net installation path% in AssemblyFoldersEx, so they are found automatically by MSBuild infrastructure.
    • DataObjects.Net.targets is stored to standard MSBuild Extensions folder, so it can be referenced by absolute path, e.g.
      <Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\DataObjects.Net\v4.5\DataObjects.Net.targets" />
  3. If DataObjects.Net is NOT installed
    • References to DataObjects.Net components must include HintPath.
    • Path to DataObjects.Net.targets can be made relative to the project, e.g.
      <Import Project="Lib\DataObjects.Net\DataObjects.Net.targets" />

Where to download

DataObjects.Net 4.5 can be downloaded from the official website.

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