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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

DataObjects.Net Entity Designer update

Talented Peter Šulek announced the major update of the Entity Designer project.

The update includes list of bug fixes along with the new important features like POCO/DTO generation support, optional DataContract and DataMember attributes generation, redesigned "Add association" dialog and much more.

Redesigned Association dialog

Read complete announcement in Peter's blog.

So, grab the bits and start playing with the tool. Any feedback is highly appreciated. The sooner the designer is tested in various scenarios, the sooner it will be released in production. So, DataObjects.Net community members, participate! Help making the tool perfect.


  1. Excellent work Peter! I have already downloaded and will certainly give feedback.

  2. Already received 7 issues within 1 day (6 from Malisa) thanks guys, keep going on testing!

  3. Nice design :)