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Saturday, January 29, 2011

DataObjects.Net v.4.4 Beta 2 and v.4.3.7

Development branch

DataObjects.Net 4.4 branch is updated to 4.4 Beta 2 version. This release is mainly dedicated to totally reworked Prefetch module. Changes applied to DataObjects.Net 4.3 branch have been already ported to this version. For further information and usage examples see DataObjects.Net 4.4 Beta 2 Release Notes.

Due to major changes in API, usage of this release in projects, based on the previous version of DataObjects.Net, might require some fixing of assembly references or namespaces. Migration path is described in the Release Notes file.

Download DataObjects.Net 4.4 Beta 2

Stable branch

DataObjects.Net 4.3 branch is updated to 4.3.7 version. This release includes the following changes:

  • Npgsqlprovider is updated to the latest version (
  • More informative descriptions are added to Storage.Model collections
DataObjects.Net has been finally reached Microsoft Visual Studio gallery. If you feel that it is worth any positive feedback, please drop a line in Reviews section. Help us making DataObjects.Net popular.

Download DataObjects.Net 4.3.7


  1. Nice guys, we're waiting too long for this version (v4.4 beta2) and hope it will satisfied us :-)

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