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Monday, November 01, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.3.5 is updated to build 6600

This update includes a set of bugfixes; probably, the most important one is multithreading bug in prefetcher.


1. You must upgrade to this version, if your trial is expired today. A hard-coded limitation of operational period is extended to February 1st, 2011 in this version. Certainly, this is related to trial version only. 60-day expiration of trial version is still intact.

2. It's strongly recommended to change just DataObject.Net assemblies while upgrading to this version. You must run the upgrade in PerformSafely or Perform mode.

3. We've fixed issue 813 in this version; the issue affects on default mapping. So if you used:
  • [TableMapping] attribute on any of tables with EntitySets describing many-to-many relationships with automatically mapped intermediate item (e.g. Book.Authors and Author.Books),
  • or used [FieldMapping] on such EntitySet fields (this didn't work earlier, but now this works),
you must:
  • Back up your database before upgrade to this version. Count the number of tables there.
  • Manually rename the tables where intermediate items for such EntitySets are stored accordingly with new mapping rules. Old table name is "OwnerTypeName-PropertyName-ItemTypeName", new table name is "OwnerTableName-PropertyMappingName-ItemTableName".
  • Upgrade the Domain and count the number of tables there. If it's the same, and tables of intermediate items aren't empty, the upgrade was successful.
The new installers can be found in Downloads section.


  1. Hi Alex, please tell me that issue 838 ( is fixed in build 6600.

  2. No, not yet, but we're working on this. Actually, we should publish the update a bit earlier because of multithreading bug (it affects on nearly any code), so some issues were left unfixed.

    We'll publish the update in the end of this week - I'm confident this issue will be resolved till this moment.

  3. Hi Alex, point no. 2 is not clear.
    i have downloaded the binaries rar to my pc ,shall i replace the all dll's in Bin\latest folder to my local latest dll folder.

  4. This means you shouldn't upgrade anything else during upgrade to this version. I.e. ideally, there should be no other changes requiring DO to really upgrade the DB.

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