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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Few posts about us

I'm happy to share few links to posts related to DataObjects.Net:

"DataObjects.Net - ORM Framework for RAD - Introduction" by Thomas Maierhofer - the intro is really good. Thomas, thanks a lot helping us to promote the product!

"DataObjects.Net ORM just got better" - a blog post by Paul Sinnema. Paul shares his current experience with DataObjects.Net and compares it to DevForce / EF they previously used to build WPF MVVM application. 

I feel Paul made this post a bit early - the application isn't finished yet, so he shared his intermediate experience. I'm still helping Paul to fight with some issues, but AFAIK, all of them are minor now. There were pretty complex challenges for us - e.g. appearance of SystemOperationLog mode and few really complex bugs related to atomicity of state changes are direct results of interaction with Paul. On the other hand, they're resolved now, and this is a benefit for all of us.

Paul, thanks a lot! Both for writing about us and for some really tricky issue reports that helped us to make the product better.

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