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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.3.0 installers are updated (build 5605)

We've fixed few more relatively important there - at least, for us:

1. Samples installation script was not properly executed by installer

The consequence: it was impossible to open any sample relying on IIS (ASP.NET sample, WCF sample) without manual hacks. Currently there is only one issue left: our installer currently isn't capable of creating "DO40-Tests" database and providing appropriate permissions for it, so you should do this manually (this is described in Manual).

Remember that to run IIS samples, you should grant dbowner permissions to account "ASP.NET 4.0" application pool is running from (or "DefaultAppPool" for .NET 3.5 version).

2. New WCF sample utilizing DisconnectedState

This sample was actually implemented few months ago; now it is officially available:

Its WCF service page:

WPF client using it:

Console client:

3. Finally, there is a set of important fixes and improvements

As usual, new builds are already in Downloads area.


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  2. I hope that issue 746 ( will be in this update, but no luck for me now. Waiting for another quick update..

  3. It is in my short list - we're closing the most important gaps first...