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Monday, May 24, 2010

DataObjects.Net editions and prices: upcoming changes

Update: final pricing model is already announced.

The following map defines new pricing model we're going to introduce in June\July:

We tried to develop a model with good balance between several factors:
  • Our base prices must be comparable with key competitors; but final per-developer price must be lower.
  • The model should be explicitely designed to maximize the price of each purchase; but options we offer should be anyway be more attractive from the point of full price in comparison to competitors.
  • Since we're going to explicitly check hardware (HW) licenses, number of prepaid licenses must be determined basing on fact we provide 2 or 3 HW licenses for each developer: two for office and home PCs and one more - for CI/testing agent, if it is a team pack.
  • There should be a cheap option for companies or persons that would like to try a product in action, or currently have just a single project where it can be used.
Licenses of existing customers will be upgraded by the following rules:
  • Current Enterprise license will be upgraded to Ultmate edition;
  • Current Personal license will be upgraded to Solo Professional edition;
  • Any other license will be upgraded to Professional edition.
So most part of existing customers (owning SMB licenses) won't loose neither features, nor money (on yearly subscription prolongations). Since downgrades are free, customers with e.g. Internal license might decide to switch to a cheaper option later.

Any comments are welcome. This isn't final version, so your comments may affect on its final look.


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  2. 3000 Euros? thats almost $4000, Not attractive. I know you have worked very hard on this product, but this price is simply out of reach.

    2 Questions

    + Are you going to be giving it as swag?
    + Are you going to give a license to devs that blog about it?

    I have interests in trying out this product but, having doubts if i will be able to, because of the price. Which also reduces my chances for recommending it for enterprise adoption.

  3. Hmm... What price would you set for this option?

    3000 EUR is company-wide license w/o any limit on the number of involved developers. There are _much_ cheaper options for typical cases (3...5 developers). I think this is quite competitive.

    Btw, we already decided to change our pricing policy to a bit more simple, so today I'll update this table. Although Ultimate edition will stay as-is there.

  4. > + Are you going to be giving it as swag?

    What exactly does "swag" mean? Tried to google the term, but found lots of irrelevant info.

    > + Are you going to give a license to devs that blog about it?

    Yes, definitely.

  5. Swag is a freebie which, in software is usually given to usergroups or developers that will normally evaluate, blog about it.

    In most cases the usergroup runs a raffle where the winner receives a license to the product. This promotes knowledge about your product in communities. These are the people that actually need to know about your product, because they will potentially need it.

    The bloggers are normally required to put your company log on their sites, which link to the product on your site.

    Most companies use this model to promote usage and dependence on their product.

    What license will you be giving to bloggers?