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Friday, September 11, 2009

Personal blogs

Guys, take a look at:
  • - I just published a large post about myself there ;) I stolen design from this blog for now, but shortly it will be a bit different.
  • - there are two posts about persistent interfaces and finding references to specified objects.
As you suspect, this blog shortly will be a history. I'm thinking what to do with it. Likely, there will be an aggregated feed of posts related to DataObjects.Net. Another option is to simply make it obsolete. Let's see.
What's more important is that these two blogs will be definitely alive. You can subscribe to my blog right now - I already redirected its feed to my FeedBurner account. I'm not sure about Dmitry's blog, so please wait with this. We'll announce when it will be fully ready for subscriptions here.

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