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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ORMBattle.NET is unofficially launched

Check it out:

ORMBattle.NET is devoted to direct ORM comparison. We compare quality of essential features of well-known ORM products for .NET framework, so this web site might help you to:
  • Compare the performance of your own solution (based on a particular ORM listed here) with peak its performance that can be reached on this ORM, and thus, likely, to improve it.
  • Choose the ORM for your next project taking its performance and LINQ implementation quality into account.
The story behind ORMBattle.NET is published here.

P.S. DataObjects.Net v4.0.5, which is tested there, is the most current version we have. It will be released tomorrow or the day after - along with official launch of ORMBattle.NET.


  1. fantastic idea. competition is always good for the consumer, but i'm convinced you guys will reign on top for a very long time. all the best =)

  2. next time devexpress posts an entry on their blog related to their ORM, i will comment referring them to join the competition.

  3. Thanks ;) We've found it nice as well almost immediately we've got it - I even curious why no one did the same before us. I mean competitor repositioning normally works very well. Moreover, we really do this fully honestly.

    And you're right, I feel only EF has chances to their LINQ implementation highly scored there, since they have very generic LINQ translator (as you see we too ;) ). Currently they're scored lower than DO mainly because they don't support equality comparison of Entity types (i.e. you simply can't compare 2 reference fields as-is there, you might compare identifiers). Or, more generally, they don't support translation of expressions of non-primitive types at all.