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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

DataObjects.Net v4.0.2 is on the way to you ;)

I'm working on its publication right now. What's done? Check it out.

We've implemented 41 issues during last 2 weeks. And finally got really perfect test results:
- Auto Memory: Tests failed: 3, passed: 954, ignored: 43
- Auto PostgreSql: Tests failed: 3, passed: 956, ignored: 40
- Auto SqlServer: Tests failed: 3, passed: 955, ignored: 41

AFAIK, 1 of 3 failing tests actually fails because of specific restrictions on build agents. Others are related to rounding issues on different servers, and it seems there is no ideal way to resolve them. So likely, we'll just describe this. So we can almost fully honestly say all our tests are passing now.

There is difference in ignored tests as well - that's because some of them are provider-specific. E.g. schema upgrade tests don't run on Memory storage.

Complete test sequence includes about 30 different configurations (with various configuration domain options, etc.): ~ 10 for each provider type. They're running now, and there should be a bit more mistakes. Above results are for Auto configurations - it combines the most common options.

P.S. I'll briefly highlight the most important changes in the next post.


  1. I like this new blogging policy you've implemented, Alex. A lot of people have been excited for the 4.0 release.

    In which release do you expect where we can begin Silverlight development?

  2. Not quite predictable, but we'll be rather busy until September. If I'll be able to dedicate at least a single person to Silverlight support starting from August, I hope we'll get this done by the end of September.

    But likely, this is a bit optimistic, as usual ;)

    On the other hand, I understand how this is important: for now there is no any database solution for Silverlight, and none seems thinking this is possible. Neither in-memory, nor in isolated storage. But this is quite attractive path, when sync is done.