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Monday, June 01, 2009


As you might assume, this is our new shiny DO4 related blog.

There were some other changes related to disclosure of important information during the last week:
- Issue tracker page now contains the most useful views. In fact, it looks like much more detailed version of roadmap now.
- Issues are organized by the upcoming milestones. Their priority reflects the chance of getting it implemented in the specified milestone. "Overnight" priority is reserved for fixes that must be done ASAP.

So now it's really easy to track the current progress: just open this view.

Note: changes in Wiki are reflected on recent changes page.

And finally, this blog has appeared. We're going to update it much more frequently than our company's blog, which further will be used mainly for announcements. Here we'll publish:
- Feature descriptions (mainly, as links to new articles in Wiki)
- Core examples and tips
- Feature-related polls and discussions
- Our reviews of various features of DO4 and their comparison to features of other ORM tools for .NET
- Discussion of various blog posts related to ORM for .NET
- Links to articles we've found interesting or, on contrary, arguable.
- And so on.

So in short, this blog will aggregate our thoughts about ORM, and in particular, DO4. You may expect 3-4 posts per week here.

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