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Friday, June 12, 2009

Upcoming updates: v4.0.1, v4.0.2, current test results

Now I can share what's planned for this and the next weekend:
- v4.0.1. Minor update, mainly bugfixes. Will be available on this weekend.
- v4.0.2. Minor update, bugfixes and documentation improvements. Will be available ~ on the next weekend.

So we've been fixing rather tricky LINQ and schema upgrade bugs on this week, and will continue this on the next one.

And now the "main dish": current test results for Storage:

Test project: MS SQL 2005 Default
- Tests failed: 11, passed: 921, ignored: 54

Test project: PgSql 8.3 Default
- Tests failed: 20, passed: 911, ignored: 54

Test project: Memory Default
- Tests failed: 31, passed: 899, ignored: 57

Only tests for Storage solution (Xtensive.Storage.*) are listed here, there are 987 tests. Ignored tests = features that are planned, but aren't implemented yet. E.g. there are LINQ tests where arrays and collections are passed as query parameters.

Besides Storage tests, there are:
- 367 SQL DOM (Xtensive.Sql.*) tests. About 7 of them fail, but that's ok - most of them test "ALTER DOMAIN" construct, which is unused by DO, the only one left is test for substraction of interval from date on MS SQL (may affect on LINQ query result, if you substract TimeSpan parameter from DateTime field in query). 25 tests are ignored (by the same reason).
- About 450 tests for other projects (Core, Indexing, Integrity, PluginManager, TransactionLog) - no failures.

So there are 1725 running tests (i.e. non-ignored), and 18 ... 38 (1...2%) of them fails (dependently on underlying provider).

What do you think - are we shipping pretty stable builds?

Actually I'd really like to know how testing is performed by vendors of other ORM tools. If you have any info (or links), please add it in comments.

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