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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plans for this week

We're working on v4.0.2 - you'll see on the nearest Monday. It will resolve the most annoying issues we've found during these 8 days after v4.0 release, as well as implement few usability improvements. The worst ones are related to our installer - I hope that now we know all of its bugs. It's also possible we'll implement few of LINQ-related enhancements from v4.1, but this isn't where I'm 100% sure.

Finally, there is a huge work on Wiki (manual) as well.

What's next? Most likely we'll separate a branch for mentioned LINQ updates and bugfixes to release it as v4.0.3, and start working on sync & caches - there will be ~ 3.5 weeks to implement them, and I hope this will be enough.

Personally I'll be spending most of my time here - telling you about features and internals of DO4, as well as work on docs and marketing related stuff. Finally, there is a time for this ;)

P.S. We're going to publish a survey about "post-sync" features shortly - please pay attention and fill it, we'll decide what to do next by its results.

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